Bi-Monthly Competitions

  1. Only members who have paid their subscriptions are eligible to enter  Club competitions.
  2. The total number of entries per member is TWO per bi-monthly competition. The number of entries (digital or print) may be apportioned between the two competition categories in any proportion.
    e.g. 2 images in set subject, 2 images in open category, or 1 image in each.
  3. All entries should be titled correctly but not marked with the member’s name.
  4. Refer to How To Submit Your Competition Entry here for more information in regards to image file naming, sizing/dimensions & email details. This can also be found on your CCC USB stick.
  5. All entries must be the work of the competitor but may be professionally processed.
  6. All entries must not be more than two years old.
  7. Prints must be rigid and mounted with a mat surround. The maximum size of the mat must not exceed  510 x 410mm(20×16″). The smallest size of the print is 180xx125mm(7 x 5″). The back must be of a suitable material such as cardboard or foam board. Wooden backs are not allowed.
  8. Digital entries must not exceed 1620 x 1080 pixels.
  9. Each member will be graded for judging as follows:
    Grade C: New  members begin in Grade C, and are judged at this level until they have received 2 Honours or 4 Highly Commended. The member will then by moved to Grade B
    Grade B: Members will be judged at this level until they have received a further 4 Honours then they will be moved to Grade A.
    Grade A: Members will be judged at this high level and will need to receive 3 more Honours in the previous 24 months to stay in this grade.
    Judging will allow for prints/projected images to be classed as:
    • Not Accepted
    • Accepted
    • Merit
    • Highly Commended
    • Honours
  10. Images cannot be entered into a club competition if they have been submitted to a club competition previously.
  11. Points scoring are as follows: Each entry in the set subject gains one extra point plus the following:
    ACCEPTED =2 points
    MERIT = 3 points
    HIGHLY COMMENDED  = 4 points
    HONOURS = 5 points

Annual Competitions

Rule numbers 1 to 10 as above apply.

  1. Print of the Year – The entry must have been submitted in a Cambridge Camera Club competition during the previous twelve months. Only one entry is allowed in this category. It is acceptable to make minor adjustments to take on board the original judge’s comments.
  2. JW WELCH TROPHY – The subject for this trophy is Floral and may have been photographed at any time but cannot be submitted if entered in previous JW Welch competitions. The number of entries per member may be up to 2 prints or projected images.
  3. PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – This Trophy will be presented to the photographer with the most points at the end of the year.