Every two months the Cambridge Camera Club holds a competition for members.
Links to our recent competition galleries can be found on Previous Competitions page

The Leader Board standings inclusive of the last competition (Black & White) are current as follows –

Grade Member Points
A Debbie Stevens 11
A Tanya Houghton 11
B Lance McCaughan 11
B John Leathwick 11
A Helena Gratkowski 10
A Catherine Fry 10
A Derek Teague 10
A Eric Hill 10
B Vic Cooper 10
C Mary Lorier 10
C Rose Kerin 10
C Jo Payne 10
A Lou Kibby 9
B Wilf Schoonerwoerd 9
C Martin Pracy 9
C Pamela Vandergulik 9
A Lindsay Murihead 8
A Peter Tait 8
A Chris Adkins 8
A Bruce Brodie 8
A Cassandra Robinson 8
A Steve Parker 8
A Sandi Scafuris 8
B Lara Chandler 8
B Julie Milne 8
C Angela Harris 8
C Mary Sutherland 8
A Leith Watt 7
C Stan Bowen 7
C Bruce Hancock 6
C Janet Natta 4
C Lea-Anne Smith 4
C Chris Smiley 4
A Kerry Williams 3