Every two months the Cambridge Camera Club holds a competition for members.
Links to our recent competition galleries can be found on Previous Competitions page

The Leaderboard standings for the 2020-2021 year (inclusive of Food Photography and open) are currently as follows –

Grade Member Points
A Julie Salisbury 110
A Derek Teague 110
A Lynda Mowat 108
C Lindsay Burton 104
A Lindsay Muirhead 98
B Bruce Hancock 97
B Mary Lorier 97
A Eric Hill 94
C Jennifer Burton 91
B Hans Hockey 90
B Chris Adkins 89
A Paul Roberts 87
A Rose Kerin 86
A Lou Kibby 85
A Tina Tait 85
A Steve Parker 84
B Chris Smiley 84
B Brian Turner 79
A Angela Harris 74
A Cassandra Robinson 71
B Lance McCaughan 73
B Linda Gordon 62
B Brian Fuller 60
C Sue Oldfield 59
B Mike Lorier 58
A Bruce Brodie 57
A Janet Natta 53
C Wilhelmina Murphy 50
B Fred Matthys 44
C Tom Martin 28
B Wilf Schoonderwoerd 27
C Esther Kilgour 23
B Brian Walton 6