Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to Katie Jones with 63 points. Katie also received a certificate for achieving 8 honours throughout the year. Well done Katie.


Projected Image of the Year

Well done Tina Tait with her image titled “End of the Line”

b-end of the line


Tina also received a certificate for achieving the highest points in B Grade. All those

points and the honours throughout the year took Tina up to A grade.

Well done Tina and a big thank you for organising competition results for the AGM

Print of the Year

Congratulations goes to Peter Tait for his print “Reflect on the Day”.  Nice one Peter

B-Reflect on the dayPT


JW Welch Trophy

Well, Kerry Williams takes this trophy again. In many other competitions if you win so many years in a row you get to keep the trophy permanently :).

A beautiful simple image titled “Tulip Drop” won Kerry this trophy. Well done – but will he let us into his secret for his technique and workflow.

Tulip Drop


With the main prizes decided there were some additional certificates as follows:

Tina                                   Highest Points Grade B   59

Verna and Barbara      Highest points C Grade 26 each (Apologies from Verna who could not make the AGM)


Lou Kibby    Most Highly Commended with 9


And Peter Tait with Most merits – 10

Congratulations to all winners and we look forward to next years competitions.

I urge everybody to have a go as it is all good fun and can only improve your photography.