Here are the images from the November 2012 competition. Our thanks go to the judge Liz Hardley for giving up her time to award the marks. I counted 57 entries and it was pleasing to see so many prints this month. Liz included the following comments:

“Thank you for inviting me to judge your club competition “black and white”. It was pleasing to see a high proportion of the images submitted in the set category. It was good to see a wide variety of images- portraits, landscapes, night shots, PJ, architecture, abstract, astronomy. The prints were well presented, with some interesting borders and toning by some of the authors.  I particularly liked in the prints Mr Lama, (Cliff Threadgold),  a very well handled character portrait, and in the projected images Into the Light (Janet Morley)  and Abandoned, (Davide Pini)

However, thank you to all your members who submitted images and let them know that I enjoyed viewing them”